Brother Entrepreneur PRO PR1050X 10 needle Embroidery Machine

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The Most Innovative 10-Needle Home and Small Business Embroidery Machine

Take a closer look at the revolutionary Entrepreneur Pro PR1050X, a highly powerful and efficient 10-needle embroidery machine, but with the ease-of-use and reliability that only Brother can provide. The PR1050X raises the bar within the industry for embroidery enthusiasts, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs. The PR1050X comes equipped with some of the most powerful design and editing capabilities ever built into a multi-needle embroidery machine. Just when you think you've reached the limits of creative freedom, look again.

Explore the possibilities!

• 10-needle embroidery machine with automatic needle threading
• InnovEye 2 Technology with high-speed background scanning – 5x faster than prior models
• InnovEye 2 Technology now for use, with optional Cap and Cylinder Frames
• Virtual Design Preview feature to superimpose your design on your project without scanning
• Industry-first My Design Center offers new design capabilities all without a PC
• Industry-first ScanImation Scanning frame to scan line art or handwriting, with opportunity to convert into embroidery data.
• Outline recognition to easily add stipple and fill patterns to an embroidery design
• Add details to any project with inside & outside auto stipple, along with fill patterns
• Go wireless with the included BES 4 Dream Edition Software and BES Upgrade Kit
• Powerful onscreen embroidery editing
• Color Sort feature to cut down on thread changes, when combining designs
• New easy appliqué feature with ability to create multiple appliqués in one hoop
• Large 10.1" built-in high definition LCD display with large, more defined icons and scrolling menu
• 699 built-in embroidery designs; 8 monogramming font styles, 140 frame pattern combinations and 37 lettering fonts.
• Smart stitch management with progress bar and direct stitch entry to pin-point the exact stitch
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Color White
Features Perfect for embroidery enthusiasts, hobbyists and crafters. Perfect for home-based entrepreneurs. And simply perfect for anyone looking to step up their productivity and creativity.
10 Needles Finish gorgeous, multi-color creations faster than ever before. Impressive 10-color, 50,000 stitch-count designs can be completed up to 12% faster than a 6-needle machine and up to 30% faster than a single-needle machine. With the PR1050X, you can truly enter the next dimension in creativity and productivity.

Auto Needle Threading
Makes threading simple! As the only multi-needle machine with a built-in automatic needle threading system, you'll thread each needle in seconds with just the touch of a button! • No more tangles! Be more productive!
NEW! Customizable Settings
Each needle offers customizable settings for speed, color, lock, and now the disengagement of the needle threader - useful when using a thin needle.
Brother Exclusive! Eyelet Threading System
The PR1050X promises virtually perfect thread tension every time.
• Maintains consistent tension on all 10 threads - even as the needle bar moves
• Virtually eliminates thread tangling
• Requires no tools - follow a simple, numbered path
Innovachrome LED Thread Color & Monitoring System
Underneath each of the 10 thread spools is a full-color LED light which mimics the color of the thread that belongs on the spool for each design, eliminating guesswork! Our revolutionary visual status system also indicates when a thread color change is needed, what the next color is, as well as thread breakages and alerts.
Exceptional views on the LCD display
• 45% larger than prior multi-needle displays with a 10.1" screen. 22 Built-in Tutorial Videos
View 22 tutorial videos directly on the high-definition LCD display, or stream your own creations using the industry standard MP4 format.
Intuitive User Interface
Larger, more defined crystal clear icons, color navigation, scrolling menu, and the ability to view your design properties in preview mode. Select from 3 thumbnail sizes - small, medium or large
Adjustment and Zoom Features
View your creations in crisp, vivid color and watch them become larger than life with the zoom function of up to 800% within My Design Center and up to 200% in other modes. Easily adjust your design by rotating in 0.1 degree increments.
Experience Brother's Brightest Work Area Ever
Enhanced Runway Lighting
Shine brilliant light on your designs with our brightest work area ever! The PR1050X casts pure, full-spectrum lighting onto your workspace with 5 built-in LED lights.
• Customize the light with any of the 5 settings
• Shadows are practically eliminated, helping to ensure precision and complete accuracy.
• Enjoy redder reds and bluer blues.
Up To 20% Quieter
The PR1050X is engineered to be quieter - up to 20% quieter than prior models!
NEW! Easy Oil Maintenance
Oiling your machine has never been easier! Simply press the oil button on-screen to set the hook angle at the best position for oiling.
Built-In Embroidery Stitches BES 4 Dream Edition Lettering, Monogramming and Lettering Software
840+ Embroidery Designs, Including 101 New Designs
• Wide variety of new, professionally digitized designs to customize, from elegant to sporty
• Add decorative frames to monograms or other designs
• Use the monogram décors as small accent designs to enhance your embroidery projects
• 199 Pre-Digitized Fonts, Including 9 New Fonts - Create unique and personalized embroidery with lettering, including our split letter designs
Expansive embroidery area for creating exquisite embroidery designs
Stitch out the built-in designs as they are, or express your creativity with the design editing features which allows you to customize your creations. Personalize in just about any style with a full range of built-in fonts. Personalize fonts by adjusting the spacing, or change the thread density to improve the look of stitching.
• 699 built-in embroidery designs including new Steampunk and Gothic Designs
• 8 built-in monogram font styles
• 37 built-in fonts
• 140 frame pattern combinations
Embroidery Features Exceptional design and editing capabilities at your fingertips
New! Color Sort
When combining designs, you can be even more efficient by having the machine sort the stitch order by color. Reduces color changes and needle bar movement to minimize embroidery time.
New! Color Shuffling 2 Function for even more color possibilities
Use the Pin function in Random and Gradient modes to ensure your favorite colors are included in your shuffle.
New! Smart Stitch Management
Wondering how long a certain color will take? Check at the progress bar to see its status. The tab indicator indicates the stitching sequence, or key in the stitch number to go forward or backward by any number of stitches.
New! On-Screen Letter Editing
Input multiple lines of lettering and then go back and edit many different ways - insert elements, divide letters, words or phrases, combine selected words, change the font style and size of individual letters or a whole line of text.
You can also easily align text Left, Center, and Right. Perfect for embroidering multiple line poems, phrases, and birth announcements.
New! Easy Applique Feature
Instant pattern outline for easily creating applique. Now you can create multiple appliques in one hoop!
On-screen auto density adjustment of original design
When enlarging designs, the stitch count is automatically recalculated to 100%, so your resized design will look just like the original.
New! Group and Ungroup
Easily group letters and/or designs to move all at once.
Explore your inner artist with My Design Center
Make Your Projects As Unique As You My Design Center integrates with our industry-first InnovEye 2 Technology to offer new design capabilities at your fingertips, all without a PC. Draw or doodle directly on the LCD display, and watch it spring to life in the large drawing area. Or, use the industry-first scanning frame to scan line art, handwriting or printed clip art and have it transformed into embroidery data. Easily add stippling or fill patterns to your embroidery designs and quilt blocks. There are so many ways to create a custom personal work of art – and a really fun way to create embroidery!
Draw Directly On The Screen Use the included stylus to draw directly on the LCD display and see your designs or handwriting instantly spring to life in the large drawing area.
Scanimation Scanning Frame and Technology
The industry’s first scanning frame that works directly on your machine.
Using InnovEye 2 Technology and our state-of-the-art scanning frame, you can scan drawings and printed clip art directly into My Design Center.
Line Art Scan & Embroider
Use the industry-first InnovEye 2 Technology to scan handwriting or line art on the industry-first ScanImation Scanning Frame, and then watch as they are transformed into unique embroidery designs.
You can use your own line art drawing or take line art from a magazine and auto-convert to stitch data.
• Scan it
• Convert it
• Embroider it
Illustration Scan & Embroider
Use the industry-first InnovEye 2 Technology to scan an image or illustration on the industry-first ScanImation Scanning Frame. Or, import a JPEG using the USB port, and watch in amazement as the image is turned into stitch data using just the machine.
• Import your illustration or clip art via the scanning frame or USB port (USB stick not included)
• My Design Center automatically converts the file to embroidery data. Size and angle information is displayed.
New! Outline Recognition for Stipple and Fill Patterns
Accurately stipple anywhere on any project. Add stippling or fill to any embroidery design, whether built-in or imported. Import your saved outline, choose from 10 new built-in decorative fill patterns or stipple stitch and the machine does the rest. Plus, with the enhanced Preview mode, see both the scanned design and selected stippling or fill pattern.
New! Inside & Outside Auto Stipple and Fill Pattern
Use the built-in library of shapes to add interesting detail to any project. You can even combine shapes and apply inside or outside stippling. And now you can choose decorative fill patterns with separate stitch settings to create unique designs. Includes 60 closed shapes, 30 open shapes, and 5 line options - satin stitch, single stitch, triple stitch, candlewick and diamond.
Custom Draw Stippling
Use the industry-first ScanImation Scanning Frame or draw directly on the LCD display to create your own unique patterns. Now you can get the look of complicated freehand stippling without the use of software or stitch regulation!
New! Trapunto-like Embroidery
Easily create Trapunto-like projects using the new save outline feature. The last 6 outlines are saved.
Enhanced Design Customizing and Editing
• Create Word Collage lettering artwork by selecting a predefined shape and typing in words, and BES 4 will randomly generate lettering in the artwork
• Merge multiple designs onto a design page and add text for a finished embroidery design
• New horizontal and vertical distribute tools evenly space designs on the design page
ScanNCut Compatible
• Import and export ScanNCut FCM files to create appliques.
Connectivity Exhilarating wireless freedom with BES 4 Dream Edition Software
Built-in USB ports & computer connectivity
• 2 high-speed ports and SD card slot. Now you can copy multiple design files from your USB to the machines memory at once.
BES 4 Dream Edition is a full-featured lettering, monogramming and customization PC software program PLUS a free wireless upgrade kit and access to a free cloud-based application for storage and basic on-the-go editing capabilities.
Connect Wirelessly
• Create beautiful lettering and monogramming on your PC or tablet
• Transfer designs wirelessly from your PC or tablet to THE Dream Machine 2
• Transfer designs from your PC or tablet to BES Cloud access while on-the-go
Edit and store designs on-the-go
• Access to BES Cloud, a free cloud-based software
• No subscription required
• Edit on-the-go from your PC or tablet
• Save designs using the free storage
• Send designs wirelessly to your machine.
Included Accessories • 1.5" x 2" frame
• 4" x 4" frame
• 5" x 7" frame
• 8" x 14" frame
• Arm A Embroidery frame holder (for included frames)
• Arm B Embroidery frame holder (for optional jumbo, border and quilting frames)
• Extra-large worktable
• Accessories kit (Includes needle sets, prewound bobbins, screwdrivers, spool mats, spool caps, USB cable, embroidery sheet grids and more)